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1971 Born in Nagano in Japan.
1987 The pupil entered Muneyoshi Tsuchiya of Flower artist, that
the high school sophomore was a student.
1989 Immigrated to Tokyo. Then, Entered Yoyogi Seminar Formative Arts School.
1990 Finished Yoyogi Seminar Formative Arts School.

Enters a Vocational College of Horticulture horticultural science department flower design special course flower design
specializing and it is a teacher thing to Sadao Kasahara.
Tackles the creating of floral office Fleur de Noel establishment, a floral publicity photo and so on, being a student.
1992 Created the art direction of the Flower exhibition "Flower and green for the town" at
Yagihashi department store. This exhibition was done as the commemoration business of
95 of establishment of the Yagihashi department store which is in Kumagaya City in Saitama Prefecture.

Graduated from Vocational College of Horticulture. Then, it acquired a horticultural science man number.

Works in design company SERENDIPITY Design in Tokyo and it deals with the work of the design in commercial films,
television, and promotion videos, the field that the width is wide.

Took charge of the flower decorations of the TV program "MOGURA-NEGURA" which Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.
and amuse Inc. create for 1 year.

Created the art of the commercials photography of "KENZO Bothe".
1993 The pupil entered Fumihiko Muramatsu who is an Inter Flora World Cup champion.
Works in Floral Decor Muramatsu in Shizuoka City.
1994 Returned to Nagano to inherit the flower shop of the father's family business and then it changed the name of the shop to
the Five Seasons.
1995 Takes part in the art event project of Hasedera temple in Nagano. Then, it took charge of the stage decorations
of the concert of a lot of music artists of Eiichi Arai, Lee Jeongmi , LEBUN KAMUY, HASBAATOR and The members of Kodo and so on.
1998 Participated in the team which creates a bouquet for the awards ceremony of the Nagano Olympics 1998.
The bouquet is one by the design in Muramatsu.

1999 Does the flower decorations of butoh performance "Kazuo Ohno Butoh at Hasedera" of Kazuo Ohno who is a
butoh dancer. By the opening performance at the stage in Ohno, Kakizaki did the demonstration which can go
in the snow-white peony onto the stage of the red rug.
2000 Takes up the lecturer of the class of the flower design in Nagano prefectures Sarashina Agricultural high school.

Does the flower decorations of butoh performance "Kazuo Ohno Butoh at Hasedera" of Kazuo Ohno who is a
butoh dancer. Kakizaki devoted the flower of 2000 cosmoses to Ohno.
2001 Iinstitutionalized Five Seasons, Inc.
2002 Created participation, a setting for the butoh performance "2 New Dance Pieces" of the Guren Dance Theater of Richard Hart which is the butoh dancer who comes from USA.

Did formed unit FLORIDANCE by the collaboration with the same year, Richard hart and it
performed a lot of "FLORIDANCE" mainly in Nagano.

Three pieces of exhibition "hanamusubi" of Yukio Nakagawa who is Ikebana artist planned to be hosted
in Nagano but had been called off in a hurry of the physical condition in Nakagawa because it was bad. Primarily,
Yukio Nakagawa procured the flower which can go and Kakizaki planned to serve as the assistant.
2003 Wins the victory with Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.'s popular program, The national florist championship of the TV champion and it comes to the florist throne.

The first time hosted exhibition "connect". It was opened at the grand ball room at The Saihokukan in Nagano City.
It created masterpiece "the raid of the tulip star person" with 300 visitors who contain Muneyoshi Tsuchiya,
Sadao Kasahara, FumihikoMuramatsu in it as the homage to Yukio Nakagawa. Moreover, Kakizaki displayed a multitude
in addition to glass work"tsubu" by the collaboration with Yoshihiko Takahashi whichis a glass artist.

Did "the Zenkoji setting up floral tribute" in the installation according to the music of the musician in Lee Jeongmi Asia
by the same year, Zenkoji setting up pre event "BUDDA ROAD MUSIC" and it displayed it.

In Stockholm, Sweden, Kakizaki performs "The Color of Skin in the Absence of Sunlight?" with Richard hart. It staged it in The Butoh Breeze 2003 Festival.
Likewise, He opened exhibition "In the Absence of Sunlight" at the Fylkingen gallery in Stockholm.

Took charge of the spatial supervision of the show "ALPHA Japanesque" of the hair salon ALPHA
at The Mizuno Art Museum in the same year, Nagano City. Then, He created the others of
masterpiece "vestigial wave. cave's mouth" and "contrast" by the bamboo and the phalaenopsis.
2004 Did the leaf of the withered butterbur and the camellia in the arrangement to
"The Rosanjin Kitaoji - turn eyes to the natural beauty" exhibition Rosanjin's receptacle in OKASHORIN gallery
in Nagano City.

Participated in the "Hana-Jinsei" exhibition of Nobuyoshi Araki which is a famous photographer in the
Kitano cultural center at The Kitano Art Museum in the same year, Nagano city. Kakizaki was entitled to be
" the homage to Nobuyoshi Araki ". Then, the flower was made 30 glass vases which Yukio Nakagawa created in
the arrangement. Moreover, He performed the performance which was entitled "Hanamatsuri to devote to Araki"
in the same exhibition. Kakizaki could have showered a petal from Richard hart overhead to dance according to the pipe of  Tsuyoshi Goto. Then, He did the wreckage of  the flower in the arrangement and it showed it.