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Junichi Kakizaki arranges in the heart of the person who observes a flower and tries to be crowded.
It consumes the flower which is in the immediateness, it withers, it scatters and it will die only.
However, the beauty of the flower doesn't meet.
The beauty of the flower can be kept there from the moment which kicked a way into the heart of the observing person forever.
This man believes so.
Because it is crowded, arranging the beauty of the flower in our heart, Junichi Kakizaki scratches sweat hurriedly and is running after the consumption of the flower, being always desperate.
To be like this and that it itself consumes are delightful and are a good-for-nothing man.
Junichi Kakizaki is an installation artist work in flowers and other natural materials. Kakizaki was Nagano in Japan in 1971 and was born. Nagano is the resort which represents Japan to have been blessed with the rich natural inheritance and in 1998; the winter Olympic Games is a hosted city. He that the parents' home was a flower shop was surrounded by the plant and the flower from the time to be childhood and grew up. He began an activity as Flower artist after graduating from art school and the horticultural science school in Tokyo. He participates in a lot of events as the artist since it. Also, it releases a work in the way of having an exhibition domestically and internationally, and so on. Kakizaki doesn't have only the artist and he is showing a genius as the florist designer, too. In 2002, it participated in the national florist championship of " the television champion " who is Television Tokyo Channel 12's popular program, and it won the victory and it became a "The Florist Champion of Japan "and the state was televised in all parts of Japan. Besides, it is shining too many prizes. He is serving as the lecturer of the design in the agricultural high school in Nagano from 2000. Also, it is the director who is Five Seasons Flowers, Inc. at present and it is a chief designer.




From the written by KEICHO OKAZAWA "All flower is consumables„- about the Floral designer JUNICHI KAKIZAKI"